Remove White Spots with Icon Treatment

If you have white spots on your teeth, cosmetic dentistry can be used to remove them and improve the look of your smile!

While many procedures can provide great results, such as veneers or dental bonding, one incredibly effective procedure is not as well-known by patients: icon treatment

Keep reading to understand how icon treatment works and why it’s a great choice to remove white spots from your teeth. 

Why Do White Spots Form on Teeth?

White spots can be caused by:

  • Orthodontic treatment: If you wore braces for a long time, the brackets bonded to your teeth can create a white spot that lingers after they are removed.
  • Dental fluorosis: If you're overexposed to fluoride, your teeth may develop these spots.
  • Erosion: Exposing your teeth to high levels of acidic foods and drinks can lead to enamel erosion and form spots on the surface of the teeth.
  • Demineralization: The white spots may actually be a sign you are developing a cavity. Demineralization is the first stage of tooth decay, which is also reversible if you get treatment right away

How Does the Icon Treatment Remove White Spots?

The icon treatment uses a special type of dental resin to prevent the white spot from developing into a cavity and improve the appearance of the tooth.

 The process is generally done in three steps:

  • Tooth prepping: The dentist applies a special gel on the white spot for pre-treatment
  • Drying: Then, they will use a drying agent to prepare the surface of the tooth for the resin
  • Resin application: The icon material is then used to fill the pores of the tooth, which improves its appearance but can also strengthen it. The resin is hardened with a special light, and the treatment is complete

Overall, icon treatment can last around 1 hour. It’s a painless and simple procedure that provides great results. Moreover, it doesn’t affect the integrity of the tooth the same way veneers would since it doesn’t require any enamel shaving.

How Do I Prevent White Spots?

Some white spots can’t really be prevented, like in the case of wearing braces or suffering tooth trauma.

However, other types of white spots may be avoided with a few key strategies:

  • Have a good oral hygiene routine to lower the risk of cavities
  • See the dentist routinely for professional cleanings and check-ups
  • Reduce the amount of fluoride your teeth are exposed to, etc 

Dealing With White Spots on Your Teeth? We Can Help!

If you’ve noticed white spots on the surface of your teeth, Dr. Bonner Morren can help you remove them with professional icon treatments and other cosmetic services designed to get you a perfect smile.

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