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What Is Oral Surgery?

understanding the basics of oral surgery

Dr. Morren offers several types of surgery to help improve the look and functionality of your smile. These include bone grafts, dental implants, sinus lift, and alveoloplasty. Each of these procedures is designed to strengthen the jaw, or prepare for dentures or implants.

Missing teeth or periodontal disease can cause weakening or deterioration of the jaw bone. A dental bone graft is a procedure that replaces this bone loss using various types of transplanted bone. A sinus lift is a procedure that is done to increase bone amounts in the upper jaw by lifting the sinus membrane, making room for dental implants. Alveoloplasty is a procedure that re-contours the jawbone ridge either to prepare for denture fitting, or to facilitate healing after tooth extraction. Interested in creating stability and a dazzling smile? Schedule a consultation at Austin Dental Company today.

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Build A Solid Foundation

The benefits of oral surgery

Each type of dental surgery introduces a more functional and attractive smile. A bone graft can help strengthen the entire facial structure.  It also creates a more stable environment for the remaining teeth, preventing further tooth loss. 

A sinus lift is a procedure that is done to increase bone amounts in the upper jaw by lifting the sinus membrane. A lift may be done for several reasons, but the most common is to prepare the mouth for placement of dental implants. 

Completing alveoloplasty as part of a tooth extraction can prevent the need for surgical interventions in the future. When performed for denture fitting, it facilitates an excellent surface for denture stability, comfort, and retention.

The Oral Surgery Process

your initial consultation

You’ll begin the process with a surgical consultation with Dr. Morren. During this session, he will decide which treatment is right for you. If approved for this treatment, he will begin to create your personalized treatment plan right away. We proudly take clients in Austin and the surrounding areas such as River Place!

The surgical procedure

No matter which surgical procedure Dr. Morren has recommended for you, he’ll go over each and every step so that you’re completely comfortable with the plan. Afterward, you will be given a comprehensive healing and aftercare plan.

the healing process

With any of the procedures: bone graft, sinus lift, or alveoloplasty, you will experience 1-2 weeks of initial healing. Then, there is a 3-6 month period for the bone to integrate properly into the jaw.

Know Your Options

Am I A Good candidate for oral surgery?

A good candidate for any oral surgery is someone who has had bone deterioration in the jaw, but is currently free from periodontal disease. Austin Dental Company offers consultations for those who are looking for reconstructive oral surgery. Contact your Austin dentist to find out how to get started

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