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What Is a Dental Emergency?

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There are a lot of different dental issues that may demand emergency care. As a rule, any oral health problem that’s causing significant discomfort counts as a dental emergency.

This includes obvious emergencies like oral trauma that results in a cracked, loose, or knocked-out tooth, or lacerations to the gums and cheeks. However, lots of other issues also count as an emergency, including toothaches, pulled-out dental work, and tooth infections.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so if you think that you may need emergency dental care in Austin, contact Austin Dental Company now to get assistance from Dr. Morren and our expert dental team.

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The Importance of Prompt Care

Why Get Same-Day Dentistry?

Same-day emergency dentistry helps you get relief from the pain and discomfort of your emergency. You can get back to your day-to-day life immediately. Getting professional dental care also ensures you’ll avoid any future complications or issues related to your injury or emergency.

This can help you save money and time, too. By getting a crown for a broken tooth right away, for example, you may avoid a tooth infection, which would require additional treatments like root canal therapy. So don’t wait. Get the help you need today.

Be Prepared

Know what to do during a dental emergency
Stay Calm & Call Right Away

Dental emergencies may be painful, but they are rarely life-threatening. Try to stay calm, and call your Austin dentist right away at (512) 710-4783 to set up an appointment with Dr. Morren.

Recover Tooth/Dental Work If Applicable

If you have lost your tooth, grab it and rinse it off, then put it into a container of cold milk to keep it moist. You need to see the dentist within 1-2 hours to have it replaced, so come to Austin Dental Company right away. If you have lost a piece of dental work, simply recover it and put it in a small plastic container or bag and bring it to your appointment. If you are located in River Place or other surrounding areas, please give us a call! 

Take Steps to Treat Pain/Bleeding

Clean gauze, cotton balls, or paper towels can be used to absorb blood, if present. Taking medication like ibuprofen and naproxen may help with inflammation and pain, and applying an ice pack to your cheek can help with swelling and discomfort.

Get Same-Day Care From Austin Dental Company

It is important that you get a long-term solution for your issue, so come to our office as soon as you can for your same-day appointment. Dr. Morren will diagnose your issue, recommend a suitable treatment, and take care of your emergency to provide you with relief from your pain and discomfort.

Same-Day Care Available

Call Today For An Appointment

We offer same-day appointments for every emergency patient in Austin. We ask that, if possible, you call ahead about (512) 710-4783 to tell us about your issue and allow us to prepare for your visit. However, we also accept walk-ins at our office, which is located at 3810 N. Quinlan Park Rd. Suite 140, Austin, TX 78732. Don’t wait. Get the care you need from Dr. Morren right away at our office.

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